System operations are at the cusped threshold of a revolutionary leap into very bright darkness with the morbid reality of prediction analytics. Toshi Ba (not the friendly sheep) have done in the soft world (hello wold) what the hard types have bumbled for some decades. The idea that quantum computing is a harware meme is destroyed and with the billions of bucks pushed into chilled quantums hardware shown as the complete and profligate stupidity of wastes which I have long bemoaned.

Behold the future, literally the future which is actually the past. The Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm is prediction. If and when it works properly then results will be available before the question has come into being. This is an amazing breakthrough which promises to transform everything we know, dont know and wish to know. The answers will exist before the problem does and how brilliant is that?

If you think that this sounds odd then please realise and realize that it isn't. How many eggs in a dozen?

Applied to stock trading this technology basically makes and manipulates markets perfectly unless a full Blue Moon causes Double D Wobble Effects.