way back in April of 2000 I built the ultimate Pentium 3 system for the time. It was retired by the end of 2004 for the most part . I say for the most part because even today it's the best system I've had for converting old records and cassettes to digital. I've even used to to digitalis old VHS. It's also still great for those old dos games.
The issue is the hard drives are approaching death .
It has a 60 Gb drive with win 2000 and
40 GB drive with win 98SE
(I switch the cable depending which i need)
both drives and installs are from at least 2003 if not earlier and of course they are IDE.
I want to clone them but there is no cloning hard ware for IDE. I could get a SSD to work on the system but there is no way I'm going to get a new drive and install set up and finely tuned like the current ones.
Any cloning software out there that still works with win 98 or 2000?
Or any cloning hard ware for IDE drives that you know of.
much to my surprise they actually make PATA SSD
The system is pIII 1ghz
asus CUSL2
512 MB ram
SCSI card with SCSI CD burner and back up scsi drive
creative labs live platinum.
64MB AGP4 video