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    Post DooM Rendering

    Yo Momma!

    For those of you who do(om) not know it, that game revolutionised some stuff in the wayback engine and is considered seminal. Here's why - . Interesting, n'est pas?

    Of and off course, that is but a microcosm of the immense effort to waste time gaming. In terms of networking, perhaps and arguably the greatest leap ever, with networking, took place in Unreal Tournament which was GoTY 1999 and as a FPS it has never really been surpassed.

    The innovation and true genius that brought Unreal togeter back in 1999 has never been surpassed despite the immense world of twaddle now trolled in network gaming but it has been equalled. Equalled by Unreal Engine -

    You really should invest one day of your life, investigating what it can do and do for you.

    This is not a marketing pitch but a celebration of wonderful work and a tool which can unleash genius in all its banal triteness.

    2020 - May the World never be the same.

    A tip for non-techie types. The brilliant things about Windows. 1. You can see through them. 2 The 'Send to:' command

    Be well Be free Hug a tree........... Happy 2020.
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    Future processors will primarily be digital tuning radios acting as grid computing nodes.
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