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Thread: Chrome Message on Passwords?

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    Chrome Message on Passwords?

    I have been getting the message in the attachment lately when I navigate to websites. Some searching I have done say it's real and say that you should change ALL your passwords. That seems like kind of on big chore to go through. Does anyone know if this is on the level or not?

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    I use Chrome and have never seen the message.... But it does look legit:

    "Not to be outdone, Google also recently launched a new data breach service through their Chrome Password Checkup browser extension, which when installed would alert users if their user names and passwords were compromised when they log into a site."

    "Google is adding a built-in data breach notification service to the Chrome browser that will alert users when they are logging into sites with credentials that have been exposed by breaches."
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    Note: In order for Google (or anyone else) to keep an eye out for all of your usernames and passwords means you would need to share them with Google.

    Note 2: In order for LifeLock (or similar) to keep an eye our for all of your personal data on the internet means you would need to share that info with them.

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