Sorry to ask a Winxp-issue. Old problem again and again.
Asking again and again endlessly for CD during scan.

System was installed with SP2-CD. Dont yet have a slipstreamed SP3-version.
Have one for a second PC.

I386-folder copied to C:\
Yes i also deleted it and copied again since it could have been corrupt.
And also set Setup Sourcepath to C:\ but that didnt help so now i have aimed to C:\I386
I also installed the winlogon-command. Winlogon SFCShowprogress set to 1.
Service Pack Source Path can be left alone right? And if its corrupt maybe it should also be refreshed?
What is the final cure?
Background is new constant explorer-crashes on an image-folder when scrolling. should i disable hardware-accelerator. its hard to find. where is it? videodriver not working properly GF 6200. no cure helped. others told new installation will do.
ASAS i have a slipstreamed SP3-CD i will make a new installation.
Want to know if the same update-problems will be again like before when i had to repair-install setting it back to SP2.
Crashes which occurred also on others winxp-pc if PosReady 2009 is installed. Didnt happen some years ago but started this yes for me. As if MS had their fingers in the play.
Have a second HDD with PosReady 2009 but not on this one.
I am not yet on an urgent backup-drive 1Tb or his copy... maybe this will be the cure.
Why i am spending all the time with these complex problems? to understand how PCs and MS are working together. Could be of big help in the future.