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Thread: Browser freezes when attachments are being used

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    Browser freezes when attachments are being used

    Using Chrome and Edge when attaching a file attachment in an email (I use Yahoo mail and Gmail) my attachments show up in the popup box as normal but the icons are white boxes. After that I get a frozen computer. It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen most of the time. Normally the attachment box pops up and shows Word, Excel, PP or PDF in their normal colors. When this happens my attachments attach normally. Only when they show up white is when I get the crash. I then have to shut down Chrome or Edge and start all over with the email and then trying the attachment.

    On Edge when I hit the paperclip for attachment the Task Manager loads File Picker UI.
    On Chrome when I attach, the Task Manager does not show File Picker UI but CTF Loader is activated more.

    So this is Windows 10 and it only happens on one of my many computers using Mcafee. All have been updated to version 1903 and all of these are just using Windows Defender.

    Any takers on this one?
    Thanks for your response.

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    Does drag and drop work for these attachments?

    Do you get the same symptoms with Internet Exploder and other browsers like Opera and Firefox?

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    a lot may happen when netbooks are weak. eg. few ram and space like in my acer spin 111 4/64.....But i like it anyway since its slim and lightweight and was quite cheap.
    windows 10s/edge he should have written.
    was: 3DMarspanoramas

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