Have an older C700 Compaq laptop, 128 gb SSI, 2 megs Crucial ram. Because od a camera tethering program I have (Nikon Capture 3.5). I had windows 7 on it before, ran like a deer. Killed the drive and reformatted and tried to install windows 2K with the four floppy disks from MS. The disks appeared to load normally without a stop but when you come to the end of disk 4 it has a screen that stated "Windows is now starting" but it never starts, I waited forever but it will not start. Just as a test I then loaded Windows XP Pro and it loaded O.K.? But unfortunately I can't run Capture in XP SP3. I want 2000 to tether my camera for bird shooting. I must have tried toi load W2K from the floppy's 10 times but nada. Any ideas...OH I changed the ram, H.D. and even made new floppy'd but the same?