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Thread: Power eSata 12V+5V- Dont understand

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    Power eSata 12V+5V- Dont understand

    please explain this adapter regarding Power eSata 12V+5V

    On my Asrock alive Dual Esata2 (still dead....) i have one quick esata-slot for external docking station(can boot from that drive)
    plus two slow sata-onboard. Till now i used a pci-ide/sata-card(esata-slot)(PCI-controllercard SATA,IDE, Raid) to reach the external docking station. only cannot boot.
    How is this direct adapter working regarding power?
    It seems i cannot use the usb-option since internal cardreader is using the connector. maybe highest time to get a newer cardreader freeing it. have only 4 usb-slots. plus i have a 7-slot hub.better getting another two usb 2.0.
    most important is knowing the differnence of the two solutions regarding use.
    Thanks a lot
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