As a replacement for hopefully temporary blackout on my Asrock-win7-pc i bought a netbook/convertible(is lightweight and thin, can be folded).
mainly bought it for ebanking since bank 1 has blocked it in winxp.
But Windows 10S/Edge cannot be used for ebanking. exe cannot be installed. no exe at all only the confirmed ones from windows-store.
Its asking for windows 10 pro now! O course i will get it. its a 4gb ram
can execute payments now only with my phablet plus additional device (usb/bluetooth) for confirmations. activation code needed.
If i had a device with bank-app installed and activation code installed aka fully working login i could have created my own activation code.

Btw: on my older winxp-pc (no SSE-processor) some email-accounts cannot be reached. Chaos pure these days after the last month with my two PC not running at all. see other thread. At least i have duplicate-MOBOs of my two pcs. and processors.