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Thread: Panasonic Phone System Questions

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    Question Panasonic Phone System Questions

    Howdy all, I've spent quite a bit of time researching this online and in the manual, but to no avail. Also, forgive me if this is the wrong area to post in.

    The office I work in has an old Panasonic KX-TVS200 voicemail system with Panasonic KX-T7431 (or similar) handsets at each desk, and I'm trying to accomplish the following:

    1. If someone calls our main office number on Friday's, they get a greeting stating our offices are closed.
    2. When the secretary answers an outside call, they transfer it to the manager's extension WITHOUT ringing his phone (goes straight to voicemail).

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    #1 - look in the manual under auto attendant. BUT, also is the phones DATE and time set correctly.... Does the phone think it's Wednesday the 31st?

    The phone probably has several press this button when we're closed at lunch time... this button for regular close hours.... etc

    #2 - is the call being transferred to extension 105... or 305? (example of made up extensions) 305 would be the straight shot to voicemail.
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