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Thread: Which Win7-64-keys are working?

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    Which Win7-64-keys are working?

    again i need to know how to handle again the authentification-problem i have with Microsoft. had three key from one dealer for 1 pc, two hdds, 1x HDD, 1x SSD.
    for the second one he told its only working for the SSD.
    then the problems began. only want to tell from latest. since dealer didnt reply i bought a third one from a different one which seems now blocked too.
    1. i stopped windows update instead was using updatepack from winfuture.
    2. i cleaned and used defraggler. deleted what cleaner(windows-integrated) found. no threads. maybe these two with using the updatepacks caused the blocking. black desktop. on both SSD(since more than one month), only stopped using it. cleaning etc was done on HDD. good i have a clone which is not yet affected.
    any trials of change of whatsover, exchanging key(worked but MS didnt accept) didnt work. official activication is nonvisinble and link to solving the problem are dead, even have no MS-phone-option.
    What next? will i loose new key the trying to exchange?
    should i contaxt MS to unblock and then exchanging keys?
    3. will clone and text exchanging.
    And i have a new code and link to DVD.
    and i will get DVD and i will ask if the label matches the official MS-rules.
    Could get an OEM complete.
    I AM VERY UPSET AGAINST MS! Thought i had peace after the months long PC-troubles. maybe i should shut down all of them and go analogue.
    only must know: can i clone my drive, can i exchange my MOBO for an identical one, can i install the very same system on a second drive?
    last nonworking keys were volume-keys.

    OEM Versionen (Original Equipment Manufacturer) bieten dem Käufer den enormen Vorteil die gleiche Software zu einem deutlich günstigeren Preis zu erwerben. In Deutschland ist der Erwerb, Vertrieb sowie die Nutzung von OEM-Versionen vollkommen legal. Sprich, der Handel von OEM-Versionen auch ohne Bindung an Hardware ist rechtskräftig gestattet.
    I am buying in Germany but are in Switzerland. nearby.
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