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Thread: BIG WARNING if Cloning Drives!

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    BIG WARNING if Cloning Drives!

    If you have partitioned drives and want to clone be award and remember this otherwise you will get big problems.
    An original drive which had to be cloned was on dockingstation and backup-drive was on boot-system. When i worked on that dockingstation drive i saw partitions had new letters.
    I left the drive on the docking station and started Cloning with Trueimage.
    It was cloned the wrong way, bootpartition was not C but H! I could boot and using internet.
    but programs didnt work anymore and Microsoft didnt accept the key anymore....
    Problems over problems.
    Big problem could be when both drives are of identical make. One can then only distinguish them thru the numbers the system will give them e.g. 5 and 6. maybe better leaving the donor drive always as bootsystem.
    letter-changing not possible, at least not for boot-drive.
    i discussed this elsewhere. its about a possible workaround to copy boot-partition C with driveimage which should change to the right letter. but i would only try this out with a backup-drive.
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