Had a possible short circuit on my Dualcore Asrock AliveDual eSata2.
Only recognized it later when onboard-connector was looking like burnt.
I didnt change PSU.

It was only later when i had(or thought i had) a soldering-problem on openly laying MOBO. its sitting on sockets, maybe i had not enough of them and was bent. to make it short now: After changing Videocard(couldnt get replacement fan with the right plug) it was overheating- around 50° C and more. couldnt yet add fan since lacking adapter. Sometimes i had short screen-blackouts(driver-error announced) never had that beforehand.

all of a sudden PC shut down. maybe i had set a temperature limit.
i changed PSU(Corsair VS650) but couldnt use it since no 4 pin-processor-power-cable.
now i have an adapter attached to one of the multiple Molex.
Is that correct? can i attach the adapter to any of the Molex or Sata-Plugs?
I changed also the MOBO. Yes the one with short circuit i removed. There i am about to exchange the burnt 4pin-connector.
Also exchange the processor. But dont know if its working.
Also dont know if that MOBO is working.
I must also test new Memory. by removing one pair of the 4x4 GB ram 16 B max. installed 6 months ago.
Yes will get also a new MOBO. Have 3 in total.
a) with burnt 4pin-connector(Processor-power) No1
b) working one until recently No2
c) No3 unknown if working.
Yes a very efficient processor-cooler was attached.
Was quite hot recent days. and i didnt use an external big fan.
MOBO naked outside case, all chips have fans except new videocard. item which had highest temp. 50-54°C speedfan used.
Will now try with other MOBO which was working properly.
on the bad one i did soldering on USB and main MOBO-power-connector. see other thread. Power shut down when pressing MOBO down near that location. No i have an additional large socket there. Sockets for Airflow.
Yes will get another MOBO-copy.

When changing processor and MOBO I allowed not adding thermal compound only to check if pc is starting.
It was starting and stayed but was like pumping. floppy-light was blinking. maybe really Processor-power-connector. i will switch to a different MOLEX.
can i measure currency?
Thanks a lot
Actual(the one i am now surfing with) PCs AGP-Videocard not supporting 1920 x 1080. very annoying. Winxp