Friends PC seems to be attacked by email-hyjacking. recognised since i didnt get emails anymore from him. contact-list on providers webmail/his pc involved.
i have found a clearly hyjacked or transformed adress with his name and name of a big media. Plus my email but instead if .us .ch(swiss) was used.
coming here since virtualdr seems to have deactivated me from posting etc. i had been there very rarely.
friends pc had been attacked recently and i scanned it with the advises programs, MSSE. MWBytes Adwcleaner, dont remember if i already run Eset onlinescanner.
Would then go to a security forum(english or/and german) to ask questions.
Very long ago i recognizes also a strange email-adress on skype. was at front-page beside the correct email-adress. hyjacked on was: HIS NAME friends name at
Since Skype made an update it could be its now removed. forgot to check.
NB: Hyjackthis is showing some file not found-errors but i hesitate altering anything after having consulted google.
Thanks for any hint what to do next.
Virtualdr-administrator was informed yesterday. maybe too much work.