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Thread: Need help with Ethernet card

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    Need help with Ethernet card

    I have OptiPlex 9010 Dell with onboard ethernet connector. I have a Belkin router f80.
    I have internet provider with dish on roof and cable thru wall connected to router and cable from ethernet onboard computer to router.
    I can wifi off of router with laptop in another room. But I cannot get desktop online. It says ethernet not connected. I have tried uninstalling it and restarting computer and no change. I have changed cables and
    still the same problem.

    I have no clue what is up with this as it has worked fine in the past with same hookup.

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    Download, install and run Speccy. Click File > Publish Snapshot > Yes > Copy to Clipboard and then paste in the URL you just copied into a Reply to this thread.

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    I have changed cables and still the same problem.
    Did you try a different port on the router also? I don't see a Belkin F80 listed. Is that the right model number?

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