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Thread: windows 10 version 1803 update promblems

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    windows 10 version 1803 update promblems

    So i am currently running windows 10 version 1709 build 16299.334 and i am attempting to upgrade to to version 1803.
    The computer has attempted to auto update it's self 5 times . Each time the update is complete my Pc will freeze when it reboots. My Pc is now also running at half speed. I ran the windows troubleshooter program in an attempt to resolve it but it will not work. It detected 3 problems and fixed 2 out fo the 3. the one it could not fix was
    "potential windows update database error detected. "

    so i not sure were to go from here. I considered using system restore to return my PC to an earlier state. My last back up on my external drive was 3/14/18 so that should at least resolve the system overall slowness . on 3/14/2018 my system was running great but i do remember that it had failed to upload a update even before then.

    any advise before i try something i might regret?

    my PC specs are
    6 core i7-980, socket 1366
    Asus P6t motherboard
    12 GB of ram
    2 TB seagate hybrid drive .

    I have a 500GB external seagate drive. There for if I do a restore I not sure if it's best I use seagate software or Microsoft. Keep in mind i don't want to reinstall my apps I just want to role it back .

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    Are you using Windows Update to try to upgrade? If so try the manual upgrade tool. This will sometimes tell you if you have an incompatible program. For example Avast Antivirus was causing issues ( Download the ISO/USB tool from Microsoft and tell it to upgrade this PC (

    You can try to reset Windows 10 update cache following these directions. You likely already had the troubleshooter run when you fixed 2/3 problems. I have had to resort to the command prompt method before.
    -- Mathias

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