So i am currently running windows 10 version 1709 build 16299.334 and i am attempting to upgrade to to version 1803.
The computer has attempted to auto update it's self 5 times . Each time the update is complete my Pc will freeze when it reboots. My Pc is now also running at half speed. I ran the windows troubleshooter program in an attempt to resolve it but it will not work. It detected 3 problems and fixed 2 out fo the 3. the one it could not fix was
"potential windows update database error detected. "

so i not sure were to go from here. I considered using system restore to return my PC to an earlier state. My last back up on my external drive was 3/14/18 so that should at least resolve the system overall slowness . on 3/14/2018 my system was running great but i do remember that it had failed to upload a update even before then.

any advise before i try something i might regret?

my PC specs are
6 core i7-980, socket 1366
Asus P6t motherboard
12 GB of ram
2 TB seagate hybrid drive .

I have a 500GB external seagate drive. There for if I do a restore I not sure if it's best I use seagate software or Microsoft. Keep in mind i don't want to reinstall my apps I just want to role it back .