This topic ran its course and has to date earnt 200,000 some hits since 08-29-2005, 12:59 PM. It reviewed, toggled, played with and alerted.... no-one despite quite fascinating content and insight. I must admit that it became a big bore and that eggs will usually only roll down hill.

That being so - here is what was and still is the manta - During deep sleep IT came to me and the future of processing is clear. Some will consider this a message from on high, others will be strapping rubber to walls, the informed will be adjusting stock portfolios, the technical will be agog, warfare will transform and technology in general - progress through the greatest leap ever. l can advise you of the matter but must then kill you. So... consider yourself deceased. rip. Ahem. Future processors will primarily be digital tuning radios acting as grid computing nodes. Voila. See ya in hell.

Behold -

Interesting, n'est pas?