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Thread: Speedfan for Win7-Excessively high temperatures

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    Speedfan for Win7-Excessively high temperatures

    I have an old friend who does not want to listen. He lets paper parked ontop of win7-pc-case to stop airflow outside pc.
    normally is coming in at lower front and will go out ontop.

    Since i have winxp configuration there is a bit different. Next time i will post a screen shot of the temperatures.
    But here is the shock:
    Auxtin0 54 C
    Auxtin3 75 C which is very hot.
    What are these two on MB?

    Maybe installing a second Tempcontroller?

    NB: Accidentally at the same day when i posted that link on FB i have a serious CPU-overheating-problem.
    MB was shut down automatically. maybe because i programmed that in Cmos-Setup.

    my pc is full and a foam was pressing against the fan which stopped this time rotating....just after that i left the room briefly. or i didnt hear the interruption. maybe i should have speakers on constantly and an alrm could be set.
    Speedfan doesnt show up excessive heat in infobar automatically. NOT GOOD.
    I could set to show CPU temp. but until now GPU was more delicate.
    What is meant with AUX?
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