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Thread: Best remote access solutions

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    Best remote access solutions

    We are currently using Ultravnc, this is ridiculusly slow and crashes constantly, we also have to get the end users to get us remoted in by them adding our IP to get us connected. What is a good alternative ?

    Something Free, like VNC, for example LiteManager free for Home and business use, any suggestions?

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    try windows 7 home basic. it's great for working and checking email.

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    i have always thought that teamviewer did a great job, but at the cost its just not practical unless you only use it at home or as a big company.

    actually managed to find a decent alternative

    it is not perfect and it is a work in progress, but it is free.
    you can preinstall it on a client to access remotely through a browser, or you can do a one time run without installing.
    might be worth a try, and you dont have to set up the router like with vnc to allow

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    Google's Chrome Remote Desktop works on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux (beta), OS X and Windows.

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