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Windows XP is going to be problematic for any modern motherboard since drivers are non-existent.
No sh$t.

Dunno why you are still using such a vulnerable OS, but I'm sure that you have your reasons.
Because I hate upsetting my routine.

XP's vulnerability is least of my concerns. Moving to a new machine/OS is extremely time consuming, at least for me. Also, I rely on some legacy s/w that can't be installed on newer platforms, Bottom line, I put off the inevitable upgrade for as long as possible.

But I'm in the thick of it now and it's all the more difficult because I decided to go with Linux for my new machine. I'm happy to leave Windows behind, but Linux is totally foreign. I have to take time to research or post questions in the Linux forum to figure out how to do the most basic tasks. At present, I only use the Linux machine for browsing and email, but that means I can keep the old machine disconnected from the Internet.

I plan to restore my XP operating system in a virtual machine running under Linux so I can take my time migrating apps to Linux, But some programs I rely on can't be ported to Linux. Depending on how the XP virtual machine performs, I may eventually install Win7 (dual boot) on the new machine. But I built a high-performance machine (7700K/32GB/SSD) so hopefully VM performance will be satisfactory.