Hello all,

I had a client approach us the other day about solutions to allow them to better track changes to their file servers. Specifically, they host a significant amount of sensitive data and would like to have better oversight when, say, an administrator needs to access data in an employee's home share or mass modify a lot of data en masse. Windows file system auditing alone is noisy and pretty much useless for this purpose.

I fired up the almighty Google and looked at some of the top results which all seem to do more or less the same thing. I haven't asked about pricing on such solutions. I was thinking about pulling down Netwrix Auditor and giving it a good run through and starting there for testing.

Does anyone here have experience with these kinds of solutions for auditing? It would be specific to monitoring their file servers although I think there is interest in a broader solution than that. Otherwise I'm probably going to poke around for pricing figures and demos on a few of these products and it'd be nice to see if there were any consensus on which are worth pursuing.