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    Question Performance help

    Hello guys.

    I have questions.

    Im looking for a full-performance settings for my PC. I'll use for game development (w/ VS and MonoGame) and Gaming. So after a clean install...

    Specs: Win 10 x64, GPU 750M i7

    Should I remove built-in features in windows 10?

    Is K-Lite Codecs realy necessary?

    What services can I disable that wont affect myself? (I won't use Xbox win10 platform)

    As a good computer user, I know what kind of risks I have. Is Windows Defender OK or I need AV and a Malware tool?

    MSConfig settings will help?

    Can I disable my Intel Graphics driver to set my GPU as default for my monitor or is there another way to do it? (I don't care about power usage).

    Is there a performance post with all information needed to perform a clean install and setup a new OS for the best settings performance ?

    There is another subreddit where should I serach for it?


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    Windows Defender is a AV program and works just fine.

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free version

    Temp cleanup tool
    TFC by oldtimer

    K-lite is not needed, I use VLC
    Have not had to chase down a codec since I started using it.
    Features -

    Yes, you can get rid of stuff you will never use, I do.

    I hope you have a SSD , I use a 240 SSD For C:\ on most of my rigs. Even on my old Dell Optiplex 755 Running Win 10 Pro 64 bit.

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