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Thread: Partion and Closter Size for speed

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    Partion and Closter Size for speed

    I am using a Sata 64tb hard drive, WD Black, 64 bit. I want to have 4 partitions. I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro. I'm using the most recent Acronis DiskDirector and True Image 15. The following is how I would like to partition:
    1. Cluster - this drive will only have 400 files with a size of 359349 byte. the files all within 15% of the average. They are scanned images. Nothing else will ever be in this partition. Speed is critical in this partition. I have to more 400 files into this directory and rename every file. I then these files into a backup location and repeat the process. I am uncertain to what cluster size to use.

    2. Partition Size. When creating a partition is there a rule of thumb as to how much extra space should be available on the drive? I have heard that 10% would not be a good bet. But then 50% would be an overkill.

    3. Would there be a problem with creating 5 partitions based on the above drive?

    4. Best Performance With Partition or Directories:
    with the 5 partitions I might have one of the placebo dri with a huge number of files. I might only go into this directory 10 times a day. While one of the other partitions, see "2", 150 to 200 times a day. The remaining drives would be used 10 to 30 times a day.

    I'm trying to a better understanding on getting the most performance out of my drives. . I currently have 8 drives on my system and I'm thinking I'm going to be better off for performance, to use 3 drives.
    1. C Drive an SSD (totally understand I will need to back up constantly)
    2. D Drive would be as described above. 4tb
    3. E Drive would be mostly a backup system. 6tb WD Black

    I hope you can help me with this.

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    Even small files tend to larger over the years. So make folders and place items, such as backups,in them instead of partitions.
    Cluster size

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    If speed is a factor, why don't you put the 400 files in a folder on the SSD? That would be the fastest. Cluster size doesn't impact performance as much as SSD vs HD.

    You need at least 15-20% to defrag the drive. I don't see why 50% is overkill. You always need to plan for data growth.

    I think folders would be more efficient than multiple partitions.

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