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Thread: An unsolved relationship mystery.

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    Unhappy An unsolved relationship mystery.

    I have a good question for you. My friend Tearance who has a girlfriend. All of a sudden this guy gets to playing on his phone. He does not know the guy so he asks her about the guy. She claims she doesn't know the guy so he called the guy talking real bad about her because he does not trust her. So after he calls her back now she wont answer his calls. What could this mean in your oppinion? Could the guy have taken her phone & started calling the numbers or is this just a accidental call by a stranger who is playing on his phone?
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    Your post is real hard to follow...

    Did Tearance call some guy he's never met and talk bad about his own girlfriend?

    Course there is no way for us to know who this guy is.... But odds are he called the girlfriend back and told her what an idiot Tearance is... And apparently she agrees.

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    Seems the post is a little confusing for me. If your friend talked ill of someone special then, it is understandable why he is not picking up the phone. Give him time and space. Soon enough, he may be able to talk to your friend. Just do not force him if he is not ready. Good Luck!

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