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Thread: Laptop nearly unusable due to wildly behaving cursor!

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    Laptop nearly unusable due to wildly behaving cursor!

    My laptop has had a mind of its own now for about 6 months in terms of the cursor and its behavior. More or less, when I'm typing, if either of my hands come within a fraction of a mm near the touchpad, the cursor goes wild. It is so bad that I am barely able to use the laptop due to constantly having to re-do what I've done due to the cursor being moved around. I've done a little research on it, but not much came up that was of assistance. I have a MSI GE60 running Win7. I have no unusual apps installed or anything out of the ordinary.

    Any ideas? I've never seen anything like this on any other laptop.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Maybe this will help?

    Are you using a USB mouse? Some utilities will disable the touchpad if you use an external mouse.

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    Adjust the touch pad is what I do.

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    This is usually a sign your trackpad is in the beginning stages of failure. Several laptops I've run across with issue ended up with dead trackpads either a few weeks or months later down the line. You might consider replacing it.

    Often times trackpads are built into the palmrest so you'll need to replace that entire piece as one. You can usually find those parts on ebay pretty cheap. Depends on how common your laptop was and its age.
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