Okay, I got past the driver issue. Now I'm having an issue with a MDT 2012 image completing 100% successfully. Everything installs and I get into Windows, but when it finishes it fails with 8 errors. See picture below:

mdt 8 errors.jpg

I'm confused about what's happening and why. What I did was create a VM with everything in the image I want. I then ran a Sysprep and Capture Task Sequence on the VM. I basically followed this guys step-by-step procedure:


The good thing is that the image does install, the computer joins the domain, and everything seems to be okay. The bad thing is that I get those errors and I don't understand why. I believe that, among other things, it's saying the sysprep couldn't be completed, but my question is what sysprep?

Ugh, I'm so confused...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.