I have a rather odd problem with a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop which has become almost obsessional.
It came to me completely dead. The charging unit lead at the computer end had been very roughly repaired, so I thought "Someone has ripped this out by the lead".
So I replaced the charger board (which on the 1545 is a mini board with the charger socket, RJ45 and 2x USB sockets).
This requires taking the machine apart totally.
Put it back together and it worked, so switched it off.
Next morning, back to square one.
Took it apart again, replaced the power switch board (this is glued into the 1545 lower case, so replaced entire lower case (S/H) with switch in situ rather than risk damage by wrenching switch out).
Put it together and it worked.
Guess what ...
Next morning back to square one.
Now call me old fashioned if you like, but I find it rather a bummer to disassemble and rebuild a laptop every time I want to leave it for 24 hours.
Has anyone come across this before?
I know it's likely to be a mobo fault, but I just thought I'd enquire just in case .....