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Thread: Audacity Media player fianlly plays my music files 5.1 audio

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    Audacity Media player fianlly plays my music files 5.1 audio

    Still cannot figure why the Windows 7 media player would not play any music files i have on 5.1. No matter what the files are codeced with they had always played 5.1 or 6.1 before in XP but not any of my files. They are in MP# format mostly I believe.

    Just awhile ago i went online and tried to download the KBxxxxx media codec pack for Windows 7 and it would not install from the Microsoft site but i did get it to install I think form another server. Still at that point no 5.1 from the media player.

    Then I download the 'Audacity Media Player' from a site and tried that, which it says it already has all the codecs inbedded and at first same thing. Then i do not know what I did other then just choose 'open file' ( MP3 song ) and NOW it played in 5.1 audio just fine. Tried several other songs and they sound great.

    Can anyone tell me why the Windows 7 system Media player does not do the same? Seems to me that if a new OS like that cannot even play 5.1 ,6.1 or surround audio without updates of some sort that is just plain weird to me.

    By the way all my games play in 5.1 audio just fine also.
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    The answer to the WHY question would be the same answer to the "How to Fix" question.

    Couple of digits/characters in the code of the drivers or any other related file could be the culprit.

    Unfortunately, you aren't alone. Seems like sound issues with Win 7 have been very common since day one.

    Microsoft sends pre release versions of their OS's to all of the major hardware makers so that the hardware makers can make new drivers etc...

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    Most of us gave up on media play a long time ago. Trying to get the right codecs can be a fit.

    Audacity and , my preference, VLC media player [ ] do just fine.

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