First off i do have all the jcks connected to the right places from bass woofer connector stations to my thrre conector Via audio jacks on my motherboard. I also have the right connections from all speaker jacks to woofer box station. Check!

Been going into the Via audio deck and setting and checking all tht is in there and also the Wndows 7 sound properties to make sure i got it playi9ng 5.1 audio. Upon the tests the speakers made the sounds for that ,but in both cases using the Via Audio deck and also Windows 7 sound properites for speakers I don't get the proper bass sound and the midle speaker is very faint.

When i play music or other, the right and left speaker and subwoofer work fine,hence i get 2.1 audio only. I have gone online to see if i could ifnd clues or answers but only one fit which said to click the "fill" box and i did that for both via and Windows 7 sound enhancements.

I am now at a pure loss. I am beginning to wonder if i got a bogus new set order,but upon the test. the rear speakers make a nice crisp sound. Woofer nodda. Somewhere something is messed up. I'm thinking thast for some reason Windows 7 is not producing the proper 5.1 upon setting it up for that. Any config i use only I get 2.1 only.

I previously had the Logitech 540 5.1 system and tht worked fine. Had to get a new system due ot my remote controller jack got damaged,which made the whole of it useless.

Love the quality and sound that it does produe thus far. I am not paying for a 2.1 system though.

Goes anyone know anyhting i may be missing here? it should not be this hard to do. I've hd like two other 5.1 and 7.1 systems and no issues with those. Current speakers are the Logitech 504 5.1 system.