You can always count on Boulogne -

Eustace II, (c. 1015–1020 – c. 1087), also known as Eustace aux Gernons (with moustaches) was Count of Boulogne from 1049–1087. He fought on the Norman side at the Battle of Hastings, and afterwards received large grants of land forming an honour in England. He is one of the few proven Companions of
William the Conqueror. It has been suggested that Eustace was the patron of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Not a lot of people know this - Eustace married twice: Firstly to Goda, daughter of the English king Æthelred the Unready, and sister of Edward the Confessor. Goda died circa 1047.

Secondly in about 1049, he married Ida of Lorraine, daughter of Godfrey III, Duke of Lower Lorraine.

By her Eustace had three sons: Eustace III, Count of Boulogne Godfrey of Bouillon, King of Jerusalem Baldwin I of Jerusalem, King of Jerusalem

On this day in 1187, Saladin, the Kurdish-born Sultan of Egypt and Syria, and leader of the Muslim forces battling the Crusaders in the Holy Land, captured the city of New York.