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Thread: Monitor blacks out, then on, then black with Map Quest

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    Monitor blacks out, then on, then black with Map Quest

    This is a bit of an odd problem. A friend has a HP Pavilion Desktop computer MX19200S0 with an HP Widescreen Monitor (don't) have the model with both VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs.

    Most websites work fine but when going to, it displays the map, then goes black, then displays the map and so on. When it comes on, it always displays the monitor information screen like it just got power.

    I have never seen this before and I have worked on many, many computers. Any ideas???

    This also happens wit a few other sites.

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    Shut things down, unplug both ends of the monitor cable, plug and unplug the cable 3 or 4 times at each end. That tends to clean the contacts, hook back up and test again on mapquest.

    Dirty contacts cause something like that to happen to me about once a year.

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    Try a different browser.

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    I would try clearing out your cookies, history, and temporary internet files and also update things like flash-player and javascript. If that doesn't work I would reinstall/update the video card drivers. Make sure to check all your connections including the video cable and the power cable for the monitor and try wiggling them around to see if the problem occurs.
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