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Thread: Not really Catastrophic Strife, But annoying

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    Not really Catastrophic Strife, But annoying

    This is the basics of my setup

    Vdsl modem (cat6e) Lead to wan connector on a Netgear WNR3500v1(Wireless off)

    Various Leads going to comps & printers

    1 Lan lead (cat6e) from Netgear Primary router (DCHP Server & firewalls etc on) to a lan port on a Asus RT-N56U (In AP Mode) .....

    Various Leads going to comps & printers

    Wifi on in both 2.5 & 5Ghz modes ...... Everything can talk to everything else Data too's & fro's swimmingly Netgear Router Asus Router
    192.168.1.*** all the other stuff

    DCHP server starts & ends 192.1686.1.30
    All Ip subnet mask

    However "Anything" connected to the main router cannot access the Admin GUI on the slave router ...... Browser (Firefox v13.0.1) just returns 'A time out' when I put

    Yawn .... Why ?

    If I turn off all the firewalls & Change the DHCP server settings to start at it still doesn't work ...... If I leave those settings & move the slave routers ip out to say Still nada

    If I swap the plugs around & connect directly to the secondary router .... It works fine ...... (Slave router is on another floor) But having a lead running down stairs & thro windows etc etc Just to look at its settings ...... Is somewhat ........ Well its not on really

    Curiously ...... Machines connected to the slave router can access the admin GUI's of both routers

    Suggestions ?

    (If your really interested.... The link lead from Primary to secondary (Routers) Is routed out thro voids & over the roof @ one point, thro a couple of walls ....... If I laid every lan lead I use in the entire network together end to end we would be looking at about 60 or max 70 Meters Yards (Yaddas) Yeah its external grade Cat6e, & no its wasn't cheap & no I didn't need a helicopter to route it... Mighta been handy tho'
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