Hi all,

I'm looking for suggestions. I have a dedicated PC solely running an application that manages emergency call outs. It is a complex scenario based call out system that sends out notifications over pagers, SMS, Fax, email and pre-recorded voice messages.

PC is running XP Pro SP3 and spends it's life in an IT room just waiting to jump into action.

A recent test showed a problem (software related) and identified a weakness in so far as we had no backup for the system.

What I am now thinking of is Installing two HD's in the PC with one as a clone of the other. (both running XP_SP3 and the application), having the database on a dedicated partition, accessible by both.

My question is, does this sound feasible and if so is there a simple boot manager that I could use to select which HD to boot from if the other has issues.

Thanks in advance.