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Thread: Cannot resize partition-Bad sector

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    Cannot resize partition-Bad sector

    Partition Magic cannot resize my 4th partition F of five in total. C-G. on my 320 gb sata. winxp pro.
    F has a bad section which i could not repair with
    chkdsk f: /f /r /x

    Partition F was full and i could not defrag.
    Now i could empty a bit. has now 7gb free space.
    partition G has only 300 mb left. i could empty.

    partitions C-E could be resized, which i did.

    Should i leave both identically sized last two partitions F + G alone and dont try to repair?
    Thanks a lot
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    Do you mean the hard drive has bad sectors? If so, I wouldn't touch anything with those partitions, and I'd run some tools to check the drive's S.M.A.R.T. data to see if it indicates imminent failure soon. Performing a backup to some kind of external storage would probably be wise if possible.

    There are also specialized tools available from most hard drive manufacturers for free to do further tests at their websites.
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    create a smaller partition that does not overlap over the bad sector(S) then, it might be smaller but at least you can still use the remaining space for something else
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