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Thread: Confused on Motherboard/CPU combo

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    Confused on Motherboard/CPU combo

    A friend gave me a HP Media Center PC (Althon 64 X2 6000+) that was a week out of warranty, and every shop in town couldn't fix. I thought of getting a MB/CPU combo special for around $150, and I would have a nice computer.
    Here's where the problem comes in. I spent to much time looking at all the different ones I could get, now I'm overloaded with it. Plus I had mission creep.
    I start out with a nice combo, then for a little more I can get a better one, then that one had bad reviews, then another one was a little better but had DDR3 (this one has DDR2), so now I have to buy MB/CPU and RAM. Then the price went up, then I see a nice combo with HDMI, then I realized I am almost at the price I can get a whole computer with Win 7.

    I thought I would use this forum to help calm down and get a more focused look and suggestions at an upgrade.
    Thank you,

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    You need to make certain any ol mobo will fit in the case..

    The HP OS cd probably will not work in a non HP mobo so you'll also need a new OS...

    I would try and only replace the mobo with another HP mobo... The odds of the cpu being bad are slim.

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    hmmm... the most cost efficient method is as Steve suggested.

    otherwise it's cheaper to go with a whole new PC setup

    you can have the Top of the line AMD CPU+Mobo+RAM for under $400 (not including OS)
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