This is so wierd I don't quite know what to say.

Earlier I was playing a game favorite of mine Mass Effect 3 when suddenly in a flurry of me shooting and what not, my computer freezes, starts making real strange humming and all the rest ( like waht would happen in any number of problems within ), and so i have to shut the computer off,and restart.

Upon doing so, it brings up the lowest possible resolution and bit rate a sytem ccan have for display. I figured my drivers must have ethier got corrupted of took a dump. Whatever.

Now the fun begins. The res. is so low i cannot make out any bottom parts of final page install for driver and cannot change the display as it is blanked out ,even though it shows all modes. Like greyed out but unable to change. I also notice menu choices are the same in most areas,greyed out and unable to do anything.

My first thought is to go to AMD site, and download the drivers, which is I did but like I said the page that got to OK or next at bottom i could not get to. great!

Rebboted several times, and did safemode, which is useless beccause its limited in what one can do and only loads essentials. No IE get to.

rebooted and wwent into XP OS to check if video card was workin OK and it was.

Windows 7 troubleshooting was a lost cause. Also most areas of that greyed out.

Obvioulsy we have corruption here. TBH, for me i do not understand all this like most might. Never had this kind of thing happen this badly before.

MY video card and up to this point all drivers I've used , even this newest one worked like a charm.

To get to the point, i finally kept tinkeringwith the display resolution page menus, and even though the color setting was not happening, i went to drivers once again menu clicked 'switch to earlier driver and then I get FINALLY my normal desktop color and resoution. AMD control center would not work or show much in a 8bit rate color scheme. I guess that figures right.

I am hoping when I reboot at some point, it loads this setting OK and does not revert back.

Finally, in all of this I find my Sata connection,driver, and or DVD drive is not working, so reloading OS, loading MB disk drivers and anytihng else was now not an option.

If any Mod here wants to comment or give me some advice as to what to do the next time this happens I could use that. Tjhanks.