Not exactly sure where it all went wrong but I was having general pc issues and in the middle of all the trouble my pc wouldnt run Skyrim. I had gone through all of my hardware and found that I had a bad stick of RAM. When I went to get back on to play skyrim a couple of days later I kept recieving a "Failed to intialize Renderer" message. Everything i could find on the web suggested that I needed to update my drivers....and I did so. Still no luck. In device manager it was showing a code 43 in my properties box. I have gone through multiple new and old drivers from the nVidia website and also the Asus website with no luck. There always seems to be some sort of an issue with each...its either the code 43 or it just wont install all the way. I have even uninstalled all the drivers and used my CD to try and load the first intiall drivers. Here are my list of componets....
OP Vista 32
Mobo Asus P5N-E SLI
Intel Core-Duo E6550 2.33
NVidia GForce 8800GT

I know im on the low end as far as systems goes but I had 11 hours into skyrim before it quit. Thanks in advance.