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Thread: Laptop hard drive clink

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    Laptop hard drive clink

    I have a Lenovo T61 with a Seagate 100GB hard drive. I hear this small clink noise from the hard drive as it sits idle with the screen saver on. While I'm running a defrag or an error check then I do not hear the clink.
    Error check says no problems, Seatools says drive has passed.

    I read somewhere that some of these Seagate hard drive will park its head and makes a small clink. So is this true about this certain drive or should there be no clinks at all.

    Note: this is not a constantly clinking. It happens maybe once every 10 minutes while running idle with screensaver. I am going to actually time it and give you an exact number of minutes that it does this.

    The laptop runs 100% great, no problems and fast.

    Should I be concerned about this clink?

    I have posted this question on other sites as well.
    Thanks for your response.

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    See if lenovo has issued a update to stop that.
    Dell did, so see if they did.

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