ok, well, in the old days you got a computer with at leastt the restrore disks. aparently they dont do that anymore unless you want to give them more $$$ for a service plan to pay them more $$$ if you hoop your computer.

I have lots of external drives I could do a back on one but I dont know how to do this to include the os. would you not have to make it a bootable (iso) file

my new rig is win 7. I have xp and vista disks, so in the event of a catostrofic melt down Im sure I could recover. but since Ived paid foe a new rig with win 7 (o gee,s core 13 and I dont even know whaT THAT MEANS) I figure I should prbably back it up including the OS.

as always, your devine guidence is apreciated.