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Thread: SmartWi Connection Utility - call cancelled

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    SmartWi Connection Utility - call cancelled

    Running Windows 7 on Sony Vaio.

    Recently this message started popping up every time I boot up. It pops up twice (two windows saying exactly the same thing).

    SmartWi Connection Utility
    Call was cancelled by the message filter. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010002(RPC_E_CALL_CANCELLED))

    I have to click the OKAY button on each window and then everything is fine.

    Nothing seems to be affected by this. Everything seems to work fine other than that I have to click on OKAY once for each window for the computer to function. This worries me though - is this possibly a virus or malware?

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    May well be a nasty, seems that error can be caused by a bad ip address or something being stopped by a firewall.

    I suggest following all the instructions at

    Register with our sister site and post, DO NOT ATTACH the logs. Some folks will not open attachment plus it makes for easier reading of the logs.

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