I'll try to get this right, and get everything in, but I'm sure I'll forget something, so ask questions and prompt me for information.

System=Motherboard is a Gigabyte 7ZXE 1.x. There are various hard drive, though I don't think they enter into the problem. This is a dualboot system, Windows 2000 and XP/MCE. See a previous thread about the dual boot aspect. Previous Thread

I have a new monitor (Thank you, Santa), a Samsung SyncMaster SA300. I have it fully set up under W2K, drivers, resolution, ..., and it runs well. I have tried to set it up under XP, and it's a no go.

When I try to install the monitor's XP drivers, from within XP, the system tells me it cannot do that because I have no video card installed. There is, however, a video card, an EVGA/NVidia GeForce 6200. Belarc for W2K recognizes the card. BUT, Belarc for XP says, "None detected" in the display/video card section. XP must be running under a generic MS Driver.

So, I said to myself, "Self, you need to install video drivers for XP, so that XP will recognize the card." I popped in the EVGA cd, and ran the driver installation. The message came back and said "not compatible with existing hardware" or something very similar.

I don't understand. The hardware is the same, whether the system is running W2K or XP. What am I doing wrong? What have I missed?

If I'm going to slowly migrate from W2K to XP, I need to have XP running well first. What should I be doing?