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Thread: Im looking for a case for my cell phone.

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    Im looking for a case for my cell phone.

    I just bought a Android based Motorola Triumph at Best Buys. I looked around for a case and a belt hook. One of the employees told me they dont sell a carrying case for that model. And I asked if there were any other cases that could fit instead? The guy said most would not fit because they are specific for the model they are made for. Anyone know where I could find a carrying case for this cell phone? Thank you very much in advanced.

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    If you just want a belt case, you could likely buy any universal case. If you want the case to fit for more protection you most likely need to find the right cover for your specific model.

    I have a Droid X 2 from Verizon with a generic belt case. I just needed one that had the proper dimensions.
    -- Mathias

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