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Thread: scheduled task to turn on and off Monitors

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    scheduled task to turn on and off Monitors

    Has anyone heard or no if there is such thing as a scheduled task to turn on and off display? Not to put the PC into sleep mode this we want only for the display's about 23000 PC's ...I can put them into sleep mode that is easy but that is not what we are looking for we are looking to just have the monitors go into a lower power save mode.....anyone know if this is even possible without putting the PC into Sleep mode? They are running windows XP embedded
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    You could purchase a ton of timer switches and plug the monitors into those.

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    It is a somewhat trivial task. Here is an article that will help you.

    You can set the power option to turn off monitors after x amount of idle time.

    In Windows Vista and later you can use group policy to do it.

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    Go to start- control panel-power options.

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    CrazyCrusher3000, I am looking for an Intel LANDesk Server Manager Pro package. You posted in 2003 that you had one. If you still have it, please contact me at


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