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Thread: Is there a recent california law .....

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    Is there a recent california law .....

    Someone told me recently that there is a new law that does not allow an employer to yell at the employee(s). Anyone know about this law? Thank you.

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    I'd guess that there isn't one...

    Did you google the heck out of-> california yelling at employees

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    Even if there isn't a law, it can still create a hostile work enviroment. If enough co-workers feel the same, you can all have a friendly chat with HR. Managers really don't like it when their employees do that.

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    "Is there a recent california law ....."

    I thought there was a federal law about that, it's called I'm your employee, not your *****.

    Seriously though, I work in a NOC for a serious dev centric organization in the communications industry and the owner is quite passionate about developing his engines and apps and gets to barking quite often. Me, when I see it coming I just sort of give him a sideways 1000 yard stare and I can see he wants to say something as he passes by, but he knows I'm an alpha dawg and will not respond to him yelling at me in the manner to which he is accustomed to from those in fear for their jobs. And he's right.
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