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Thread: What one should I get?

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    What one should I get?

    I'm looking for something under $1000. I'm replacing my desktop with a window 7 laptop simply because I need a laptop, and it would be easier to do this, my software is outdated, and computer is very old. I got some advice from my father who has been a computer technician pretty much since they were invented. I wanted a screen that was around 17 inches because like I said it's gonna be my desktop subsitute but he said to go with a 15.6 inch. They are kind of small for my taste. I want like maybe an i5 or i7 processor but that may be out of my range. i do want something fast. Sometimes i think the advice he gives me is a little skewed (sp?) because he's just trying to get rid of whats in his shop. I like brands like hp, asus, and lenovo. Do not really like dells or toshibas. I like long battery. Style is also an important factor. my dream would be something with a brushed metal feeling case and a keyboard that types like heaven, not sure how to descibe what that would be like. I also need something with a good display, glossy, LED backlit. Good gpu and video processing. I like centered trackpads with not-too-stupid clicking methods. I dont want to make my hand do a rendition of the electric slide just to right click. I need something with a fantastic webcam and microphone, as i skype a lot. I dont really like things that feel plasticy. Good speakers also help

    ASUS G53XI74JW-BL/H4NVYXBB 15.6" Notebook i7-740QM Windows 7 4G 500G GTX460 Graphics WiFi Webcam Laptop
    Condition New
    CPU Intel Core i7-740QM
    Memory 4GB DDR3
    Hard Drive 500G
    Graphic NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M
    Display 15.6" 16366 x 768 16:9 LED-backlit
    OS Windows 7 Home Premium

    I apologize for making you read so much, but this is my first serious computer and I really need a good opinion. I'm open to all suggestions, thank you for your time. Please posts links to the laptop page on the manufacturer website and seller website

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    Its all good already, or maybe a wider screen display for about 17 or 19 inches

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