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Thread: Outlook 2010 Calendar sharing

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    Outlook 2010 Calendar sharing

    I have 2 computers, 1 running Outlook 2007 with 2 users and the other running Outlook 2010 with 1 user. Both are Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

    My question: Can I share calendars without using Exchange Server or a web based sharing tool (program). I just want 3 people to see each others calendar and make changes to each other (mainly adds). ??

    I have Googled for the answer but most are a bit convoluted. Thanks.

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    I share a GOOLGE Calendar with my two co-workers

    Ten Dollars a month per user will you get an Exchange Server account at:
    You can share calendars and contacts....

    For another 2 bucks each - you can sync to smartphones too.

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    The non-internet options are not that great because only one computer at a time can access a PST file. SynchPST, a local program, works well but it can't update in real time for this reason - the remote (like in the next office) computer has to have Outlook shut down in order to sync up. Updating a calendar on the fly will require a webdav enabled server, either on the intranet (not easy), or on the internet.
    I share a GOOLGE Calendar with my two co-workers
    That's about as easy as it gets.

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