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Thread: Finding drivers for set up

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    Finding drivers for set up

    Hi every one
    I am looking for some advice on a Sony vaio lap top computer. The drive has been formatted and all the drivers have gone for the on board hardware. I have gone on to the Sony web site but the product No: is not there, I was hoping to down load the drivers from here. I should think the drivers were pre-installed. Is there any one who can help me in this matter

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    You would need to tell us the model number of the laptop. Post ALL the number you see, since Sony has a multiple numbers on the system.

    You also need to tell us the OS you are installing.

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    this free program will show you prety much every thing about your computer and in a lot of cases have a direct link to the manufactures web site for the drivers needed for the computer.

    everest home edition is the program you want.
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    I usually use the Sony model # for driver support, usually on the LCD bezel, hinge or near the keyboard.

    Sony Support

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