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Thread: H.P. laptop

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    H.P. laptop

    I bought my wife an H.P. dv9934ca 127" laptop with Vista 64 bit installed, works fine. Last week i bought her a new Sony 42" HDTV with the intent of using the laptop for movies etc. The laptop has a HDMI port on it and I connected the HDMI cable and the picture is great but NO sound. I checked the directions on the laptop and found I had to change the sound menu to SPDIF from speakers and i got sound. The sound menu window has NO HDMI option like my desktops. I tried to load the HDMI sound drivers from H.P but it wouldn't let me install, says no device? I wonder why, it the laptop has a HDMI port that is obviously active why can't I install the drivers for HDMI. It's a PITA to have to reconfigure the sound every time we change from HDMI to onboard speakers. I also upgraded the bios.
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    Sounds like you need to update your Chipset and sound drivers.

    Then go here:
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    The sound menu window has NO HDMI option like my desktops.
    That would indicate a driver issue, as Ankerson has suggested - probably audio or chipset but could also be graphics. You might also try installing a Realtek High Definition Audio codec.

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