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Thread: Monitor display at bootup

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    Monitor display at bootup

    Several times recently, including both yesterday and today, I've had my monitor act strangely during the initial bootup in the morning. As soon as I hit the power button it immediately displays a little box showing that it is toggling back and forth between analog and digital. That's as it has always been. But then the display goes blank, and nothing more appears. In the past I've always been able to follow the boot sequence. Now nothing more appears, though I've waited as much as ten minutes. The screen remains blank, so I have no idea whether the system is actually booting. I have to power-off the surge protector and start over. Both yesterday and today the third try worked--the display came up, the system was seen to boot, and I was able to proceed.

    The monitor in question is a Samsung SyncMaster 932B, running off an NVidia Geforce 6200 AGP card. The motherboard is an old Gigabyte 7ZXE 1.x I have it set for a digital display--changed a month ago from analog.

    What's happening here?
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